Procedure to send an application form


All YCE's present agreed that in future they will accept only ONE copy of the application form and not FOUR copies as it used to be. The last page with the signatures will be scanned and sent as PDF or Jepg. Electronically you have to send in one mail: application form (no photo, no signatures), letter to the unknown host family, photo in Jpg (Jepg). As soon as possible the scanned last page with the signatures. Only on demand ONE original of these documents will be send by normal post mail. Every European YCE will propose this procedure to USA and the other non European Countries that they exchange youth with.


(EF Cannes 2008).

We have to be more strict than ever and must not accept any application form from unauthorized chairpersons or from the participant himself. Authorized chairpersons are mentioned in the list of YCEC Paul is sending almost every month.

(EF Istanbul 2013)