Data Base/Authorized chairperson to send an application form


It was further agreed that in Europe every effort would be made to ensure that no application would be processed unless counter signed / endorsed by the District and MD YCEC. A list of European YEC’s will be produced with a view to ensuring email addresses could be identified as authorised Chairpersons.

(EF Bucharest 2007)

The problem is that some Youth download the AF from the LCI website and send it directly to the respective camp. In order to avoid such cases, it is important, that the AF is signed and sent only by the authorized person. Every YCE chairperson incoming youth should have the list of authorized person and be able to check the signatures and e-mail address of incoming forms with the names on the list.

(EF Cannes 2008)

You can only accept AF from a YCEC who is mentioned in the YCEC contact list which Paul sends every month (i.e. YCECs who are reported to Oak Brook). If from an European country you receive an AF which is not sent from an authorized YCEC mentioned in the list, you should not accept this student. If you have accept, it is at your own risk. If there is no YCEC assigned in the sending country, district governor´s signature can also be accepted or contact LCI for more inform.

(EF Maastricht 2011)