Camp fee


It was proposed and agreed that camps that were using fees that appear to be unreasonable or excessive tofinance the cost of the camp could be subject to inquiry by the Youth Programs Department as to whethertheir fee structure contravened existing policy. Camp fee should only be used for the organisation of the camp.

 (EF  Bucharest 2007)


The discussion about excessive camp fees lead to the conclusion, that the fees should not be as excessive as $ 700,- or even $ 900,- like the Hawaii Camp 2007 in US. The camps should not be financed by these fees. The original idea was that camp fees should be asked for only if there are special items on the agenda or if it is a travelling camp. Oak Brook should read their own policy on this and resolve this issue. Ilana Tempelhof (Israel) makes the proposal to limit the camp fees to  € 150,-.

(EF  Cannes 2008)

The aim must be to have lower camp fees, camp fees should be as low as possible and must be stated in the official YCE directory.


(EF Instanbul 2013)

However where there is a camp fee then this must be stated in the catalogue so that there are no surprises on arrival. This was agreed. 

(EF Birmingham 2014)