Youth Camp and Exchange Board


EF Cannes 2008

It was accepted that the YCE Board will in future consist of the following members:

YCE Chairperson of the Forum: To be provided by the Forum committee
YCE Chairperson of the meetings: Designed by the YCE chairpersons
YCE Chairperson of the next Forum
YCE Chairperson of the last Forum
A Secretary must be appointed for the preparation of the Agenda by the YCE Chairperson of the meetings.
The minutes should be made by a representative of the country where the Europa Forum is held.


EF Bologna 2010.

Conclusion meeting November 4th : The Chairperson of the meeting at EF is the YCE Chairperson of the hosting country. It was decided that the YCEC of the hosting country will also be the Chairperson for YCECs for whole year until Lions Europa Forum meeting when the new YCEC Chairperson (the YCEC of the next host country) will be appointed.


Conclusion meeting November 5th :  Comments made on Item 6 and Item 7: Lou Hessing is the YCE Chairperson of EF 2011 in Maastricht, Paul Vanderhaeghen is the Secretary for the EF 2011 YCE meeting (reporting to Lou Hessing). No other comments were made on other agenda items. The minutes were approved.