Application form (EAF)


The meeting recognised and appreciated the acceptance of the Electronic Application Form by LCI

and appreciated the efforts of the staff at Oak Brook in helping with the project. Whilst accepting

that the EAF could not be compulsory it was agreed that its universal use, together with the data

base programmegreatly helped and sped up the process.

It was agreed to ask that a link be placed on the LCI Web Site to enable the form to be downloaded.


(EF Bournemouth 2006 + EF Bucharest 2007)


Make sure the phone numbers are in international form

Blood type : optional field

(EF Tampere 2009)


Applicant's passport or an equivalent identification document is a compulsory attachment to the AF

The insurance section would be added to the AF in chapter VIII and IX

Everybody must use the same version of AF

(EF Brussels 2012)


It was agreed that the YCECs should continue to reject applications on the wrong forms and we look forward to the revision of the LCI form.    

(EF Birmingham 2014)