Acceptance Form


It is recommended to use this form but every country is free to use it.

(EF Bournemouth 2006)


Acceptance form will be used and will be included in the Guide Book

(EF Bologna 2010)


Acceptance forms must be sent as early as possible and to the right persons. Firstly we need to know if the youth has been accepted and the dates of the exchange, everything else can be sent later on. The person responsible for accepting the youth is stated at the European YCE contact list updated by Paul Vanderhaeghen. However, the acceptance form can only be sent when the application form is sufficiently filled out.

(EF Brussels 2012)

Compulsory use of the “Acceptance form”.
Use of the same acceptance form by all countries.
“Acceptance form” to be send within 14 days and after following documents have been send:

  • Application form, all items have to be filled in, or mentioned “No” or “In request”.
  • Photo self head to shoulder
  • Letter to the host family
  • Scan of passport
  • Scan of page 3rd with all 5 signatures

The proposal can be used as a good general suggestion or recommendation. It is not to be used compulsory but flexibly.

(EF Augsburg 2015)

Paul Vanderhaeghen suggested a universal “Acceptance form” for all the European camps. Decision to be made in 2017 EF Montreux

(EF Sofia 2016)

All countries in Europe have to use the Acceptance Form as suggested and send it within 15 days after all documents have been received. Host family information can be added later.“

(EF Montreux 2017)